Easton 5mm Brass HIT inserts


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Easton 5mm Brass HIT inserts


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The Easton Brass Hidden Insert Technology
or HIT Inserts, sometimes called Brass X Hit Inserts, the high density
brass moves the weight forward for higher front of centre or FOC to
improve arrow flight and downrange energy and tighten groups.

Hit Inserts are manufactured to the same high standards as Easton arrow
shafts for weight consistency, precision tolerances for accurate
shooting and allows you to align your broadhead for tighter groups and
provide maximum penetration.

  • Focused FOC accuracy
  • Aligns broadheads directly with shaft wall
  • Uses 8-32 standard broadheads and RPS points and provides superior point alignment
  • Adjustable from 75 grains to 50 grains
  • Comes in a convenient clamshell

Easton Brass HIT Inserts suit

  • All Full Metal Jacket or FMJ shafts – Gun Metal Black, Lost Camo, Diamond Camo, Dangerous Game
  • Axis black shafts and Axis Realtree camo shafts
  • Beman MFX shafts
  • Any Easton shaft that uses the hidden insert technology

break-off end of the insert allows you to adjust the weight of your
insert from 75 grains down to 50 grains with a break off brass module.
The full insert weighs 75 grains and 15 grain module can be removed, so
the weight is reduced by cutting off the back end of the insert.

Easton Brass HIT Break-Off Insert kit includes

  • One dozen brass HIT break-off inserts
  • Chamfer stone
  • Installation tool

You have chosen the world’s most accurate arrow shaft. Why would you choose anything but authentic Easton components.

knock-off components may appear to fit your shaft, but they lack
Easton’s precision engineering, top quality materials and rigid quality

For a precise fit and perfect flight, insist on authentic Easton components.

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