Hamskea Trinity Target Pro Rest


Hamskea Trinity Target Pro Rest



The Trinity Target Pro™ Micro-tune arrow rest simply outperforms
all others combined! Its pedigree can be found in the world record
setting Hamskea VersaRest™ and light weighing design elements of the
Hamskea Hybrid Series™ arrow rests. With an ultra-smooth and stable
three-stainless steel bearing foundation that supports the rotating
carrier rod, our Zero Tolerance Technology™ has been taken to the next

The Trinity Target Pro™ also carries over the incredibly successful
Zero Stop Technology™ for the up and down positions of the launcher
which makes for an absolute repeatable launcher position for maximum
accuracy. The patented limb buffering in-line dampening coil is also at
the foundation of this industry leading ultra stable arrow launching

The Trinity Target Pro™ comes with our new G-FleX™ wide target
launcher which eliminates the need for a backer plate as the composite
material and patent pending tapered design combine for reduced
vibration, bounce back and fatigue life failures.

The Trinity Target Pro™ makes setup easy and fast with the
introduction of the EasyGlide™ cord adjustment and tensioner. Just
release the securing o-ring and slide the plate to the desired position
for cord tension and re-apply the o-ring. It’s just that simple. Gone
are the days of fumbling around with small fasteners and ‘footballs’.

Tunability, is critical for all target archers, the Trinity Target
Pro™ allows for ultimate tunability and comes standard with micro-tune
windage/elevation features. The textured spring knob provides multiple
adjust positions to change the rotation tension of the launcher shaft.
Coupled with the 8 sided, nonslip, compression clamp design for the
lever arm and the anti-bounce back dampening coil, you have everything
you need to maximize your accuracy.

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Weight 0.03000000 kg
Dimensions 18.00000000 × 14.00000000 × 5.00000000 cm


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