Ram Rods Ultra v3.1 Tungsten Dampening


Ram Rods Ultra v3.1 Tungsten Dampening



Ultra V3

The Ultra line of stabilizers V1-V3 have been our best selling product for several years in a row for a good reason. They provide the incredible feel and outdoor wind performance that elite archers demand. For 2020 we have pushed the limits of the Ultra to new heights. They feature a slimmer endcap, futuristic graphics, a 0.5000″ Diameter, a 15% stiffer 137 spine, VIBRO-CORE internal damping, and our adaptive weight system. We aren’t just the original half inch carbon stabilizer…we are the worlds best half inch carbon stabilizer.

For many professional archers shooting either recurve or compound the Ultra V3 is the stabilizer of choice.

Standard Features:

-Adaptive Weight System – allows for either 1/4-20 or 5/16-24 thread sizes by swapping out the included inserts or adapter screw.
-VIBRO-CORE Internal Damping – remove unwanted vibration from your shot.
-Spine – 137
-Diameter – 0.5000″
-5/16-24 threads on both proximal and distal endcap.
-Aluminum proximal and distal endcaps.
-Flat slots in proximal and distal endcaps for stabilizer tightening with a wide range of common tools.
-Made in the USA | designed and hand-built by the owners

Ultra V3 Optional Features:

-Steve Wijler Edition Tungsten Damping Powder – adds 3 oz of tungsten powder to the distal end of the stabilizer to add internal weight and significant vibration reduction (Vibrocore internal damping is still included).

As with all our products the Ultra V3, works perfectly with both compound and recurve. The recommended weight ranges for the front stabilizer are 1-3 oz for crisp feel, 3-14 oz for ideal feel, 14+ oz for softer feel. This recommended weight range does not account for dampers or decouplers – mass weight that the stabilizer can handle increases when using dampers between weights or between the stabilizer and the weights. Side rods can handle roughly double the mass weight for similar reactions.

Additional information

Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 90 × 5 × 5 cm
Ram Rods Lengths

27" V3.1 Tungsten dampening, 30" V3.1 Tungsten dampening, 33" V3.1 Tungsten dampening

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