Shibuya Ultima Recurve Rest Ambidextrous


Shibuya Ultima Recurve Rest Ambidextrous



Dual Adjust System for perfect clearance

The Ultima Recurve Rest is adjustable not only vertically, to ensure compatibility with any size arrow shaft, but also horizontally to compensate for sight window depth and plunger settings. There is no need to ever cut or bend the support arm again! Adjustments are easy to make with one screw, even when the arrow is rested on the support arm.

SHIBUYA’s V-Lock System – unrivaled precision and repeatability

The line of magnetic force between the Ultima Recurve Rest’s dual magnets catches and returns the Support Arm safely and repeatably, exponentially increasing the reliability of the rest. Shibuya uses only highest quality corrosion-resistant samarium cobalt magnets, known for their constant magnetic force independent of temperature changes.
By placing the adjustment screw between the magnets, Shibuya was able to maintain a super-slim construction (only 3.8mm including adhesive tape), while at the same time using a 3mm screw for comfortable, safe adjustments.

Ambidextrous Design

Ultima Recurve Rest can be switched between RH and LH simply by reversing the support arm’s fastening direction.

Additional information

Weight 0.02000000 kg
Dimensions 6.00000000 × 4.50000000 × 2.50000000 cm

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